Exclusive rental of the complete lake : 900€

CATEGORY : Drive & Survive

OPEN : All year



From Calais : 400 km : 4h

Caen : 85 km : 1h

Cherbourg : 240 km : 2h


Lake :

  • Surface : 4 acres
  • Bottom : sand
  • Depth : 0.5 – 5 meters
  • Anglers : 4

Fishing :

  • Swims : 6
  • Carp : up to 40 lbs
  • Average : 20 lbs
  • Paddlefish : 55 lbs


« Three fishing rods on a pontoon,

a cabin on an island in the middle of the lake,

and alone in the world to enjoy the spectacle of nature,

This is what Spathula reserve to you!! »

The 4 acre main lake was established in the 1970s function as a fish farm. Changing hands into a new owner in 1985, the lake was left unfished for 25 years, enabling the development of a group of carp, tench, paddlefish, whitefish, pike, zander and perch (not bream or catfish). And in 2009, despite conclusive test fishing, the new domain owner conducted a series of carp restocking. A small island tucked away in one corner of the lake is home to a charming small shelter and magnificent double swim on a large wooden pontoon constructed by the current owner. The perfect spot for anglers!

On the Whole lake, there’s ample room for 4 anglers and their bivvies.he bottom, slightly muddy in places, with harder and rocky areas to others, can vary from 0.7m to 3.5m. You can fishing 2 others lakes, a trout lake and a predator lake (Pike – largemouth bass)

What makes Spathula special is the excitement of catching our namesake : the Spathula. Native to north america, it was introduced by the first owner during the creation of the lake in 1970. What is extraordinary is that these fish were able to adapt to their new environment and continue to grow throughout the years to reach 55 lbs !

What we can assure you is that the lake is full of fish in common carp, mirror, koi and sturgeon. The average catch is 17 lbs and the biggest catch reached 40 lb.




The cabin on the edge of the lake allows you to stay several days at the water’s edge and stay focussed on your activity. Equipped with the basic necessities, this gorgeous shelter has 2 beds and furniture to ensure you are comfortable throughout your stay. You can also enjoy a barbecue for grilling at dusk balmy in summer evenings…

At 200m of the lake there are a kitchen with gas stove, gas works, a small sink area, a lounge area with table.

Also on site, a few meters away,you will find toilet, sink and shower with hot water and electrical outlets for all your devices. Catering options are also available at the venue, provided under a fully covered terrace and overviews of the trout lake.





  • Exclusive Lake Rental : 900 €

  • Non-angler : 30 €

  • Half price on lake rental from November to the end of February.

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Rules :

Spathula takes fish care very seriously. So following these steps will avoid any fatalities on the bank and will provide maximum welfare of fish. Thank you to respect.
– Maximum 3 rods per angler
– Rods are NEVER left unattended
– The barbed hooks, braids and dangerous mounts are prohibited. THE MATERIAL MAY BE CHECKED AT ANY TIME.
– Very thick landing mats are compulsory and will be checked before the stay.
– All unhooking mats, nets and slings are to be wet before use.
– Seeds are necessarily cooked.
– The initiators boats are allowed in respect of the neighboring post
– For sturgeon, landing net is prohibited. The stall and the photos can only be done in the water with the fish.
– The fishermen will hand water fish in the best conditions and as quickly as possible.
– Conservation bags are banned even at night.
– When holding fish for photographs, never stand to have your picture taken or hold the carp too high above the mat. Support the carps weight with both hands underneath. If the fish flaps whilst holding it, simply bring the fish into your body then place back on the cot, wet the fish up from the bucket provided, and start again.  All fish should be returned to the lake using the sling
– The catch won’t leave Spathula Lake in any case.
Regulation :
To preserve the tranquility of all, we have established the following rules which must be respected:
– Not registred visitors are not allowed.
– Our friends dogs are not allowed.
– The use of the radio should be as unobtrusive as possible.
– Only the lights in individual barbecues are allowed and ground fires are prohibited
– After your departure sites must be kept clean and in the same condition as your arrival.
– The fisherman has the responsibility to inform his/her guests about these regulation conditions. Landlors or rentor will not be held responsible for injury, death, damage, loss, delay, cost, expense, or inconvenience arising from fishing misfortunes beyond our control.
– Drugs and excessive alcohol use are prohibited under penalty of immediate dismissal.
– Swimming is not allowed.
– Any conflicts arising between fishermen or caused by fishermen will be managed by the landlord.
– The management takes no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to you or your property
– The reservation will be confirmed at a deposit.
– For your security establishment is placed under video surveillance.
– The position must be vacated before 12.00 and arrivals are at 14.00
ROD PODS  As all our swims are ‘platform swims’, the use of Rod Pods will be necessary.  All landing nets must be dipped in our dip tank for at least 5 minutes prior to commencing to fish. PARTICLE BAIT With regard to the health of our fish, we request that anglers do not use Particle bait of any description. La Fonte is a boilie only venue. CARP MEDICATION IS MANDATORY Can be purchased on site.

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