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How to earn Swimcoins ?

When you make a reservation, you gain 1 SP for each swim booked (eg : 3 anglers = 3 SP). If you have sponsored friends, you earn 1 SP for each swim they book on CARPLINK (valid more than once)

example : 1 friend angler in march, 3 friend anglers in july and 2 friend anglers in September = 6 SP


– 5 SP = 5 kilos of bait
– 15 SP = 80€ discount on next booking
– 20 SP = 5 kilos of bait
– 30 SP = 100€ discount on next booking
– 35 SP = 5 kilos of bait
– 45 SP = 120€ discount on next booking

– Etc…

How do you refer friends?

Easy, the only thing you need to do is give your referral code. With this code your friends can access and register with CARPLINK.

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Your Welcome Gift

Earn a powerbank for your first booking !

Powerbank is a portable device that can supply USB power using stored energy in its built-in batteries. Powerbanks usually recharge with USB power supply