495€ / swim / week (2 anglers)

CATEGORY : Drive & Survive / Accommodation

OPEN : All year



From Calais : 215 km : 2h15

Caen : 328 km :  3h15

Cherbourg : 425 km : 4h30

Breda (nl) : 340 km : 3h20

Lake :

  • Surface : 54 acres / 22 ha
  • Bottom : sand
  • Depth : max. 5 meters (16ft)
  • Swims : 18 double swims

Fishing :

  • Anglers : 36
  • Carp : up to 60 lbs
  • Average : 30 lbs
  • Sturgeon : 88 lbs


We propose a 22 hectares ( 54 Acres) fishery lake for carp angler in the north of France. 

Our Domain is 2 hour from Calais, in Picardy between Paris and Lille. There are a snack and a bar with WIFI. We can provide baits, little fishing equipment, meals option. There is a supermarket within 3,5km and a fishing shop within 20km. If you want to visit the area, the forest and the castle of Compiege or the castle of Pierrefond are nearby as well as Ourscamp abbey. The famous « Parc Asterix » is only 50km from the lake.


THE BIG LAKES (28 acres) : Is an elongated shape with depths down to 13ft, with bars, islands, silty areas and weed bed.  There are 8 swims around this lake, all doubles (but can be booked singly if required).  Each swim is constructed from sleepers and gravel and the owners recommend rod pods for ease of setting up, but bank sticks can be used.  there is also a picnic table in each swim.  Your car can be left behind your swim, so no need to completely empty it and fill your bivvy!  Each swim is marked with orange marker poles so there is NO confusion with other anglers

STOCK : This lake is well stocked with carp, but is by no means a runs water!  Most fish are in the thirty to forty pound bracket, with many now tipping over into the fifty plus range, lake record is low sixties.  There is also a mid 80lb Diamond Sturgeon which will certainly give you a protracted fight if hooked! 


THE MIDDLE LAKE (14 acres) : This lake has natural bays, islands, bars, weedy areas and silt patches giving it a moderate/hard rating, but the rewards are well worth catching!  

STOCK : Many fifites, with loads of back up 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with the lake record just over the 60lb mark.  All the swims are just as the big lake with picnic tables and marker posts, but only 6 in number (all doubles)  Also on this lake most of the fishing is at fairly close range so long range gear is simply not needed.


THE SMALL LAKE (10 Acres) : Similar features to the Big Lake, the island is the big hotpot on here. Shallower than the others at around 8ft, but does have a couple of deep holes to over 12ft.  

STOCK : Fish to upper fifty, again with lots of back up smaller fish this is moderate/easy rated.  Only four double swims on this lake, built just the same as the other lakes


FACILITIES : Onsite you will find a shed with toilets, hot showers (€ 2,5),fridge, freezer, microwave and electrical outlets.

ACCOMMODATION : We offer an Eco-Lodge overviewing the lake. It includes 1 double bed, 1 bunk bed, a Kitchenette ( gaz, fridge, table, 5 chairs) and electricity. Sheets and blankets are not included.

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Bait boat allowed


Runs water


Dogs allowed

Accommodation & Facilities



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Prices (week)

  • Swim : 385 € (1 angler)

  • Swim : 590 € (2 anglers)

  • Non-angler : 30 €

  • Lodge (4 persons) : 280 €

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Rules :

Our rules exist to safeguard our fish stocks and ensure that you have an enjoyable visit to Domaine de Pimprez. Please read these rules carefully before you fish, as failure to observe the rules or acting in any way, which interferes with others’ enjoyment or use of the lakes, will result in the offender being immediately removed and banned from the fishery.

  • For your arrival and departure is 12 to 12. gates is always closed. you must call the baillif at your arrival.not necessary to arrive to early,gate will be closed and you will must wait.) thanks to your understanding.

  • Fish only from the platforms provided, please do not fish between swims

  • All fish must be returned to the water immediately, do not use keepnets or sacks to retain fish

  • All forms of fixed lead are banned – all leads must be free running

  • Rods are not to be left unattended at any time or for any reason (3 rods /angler)

  • Please be considerate when using buzzers; please turn the sound down as noise travels

  • You must be in possession of an unhooking mat for all forms of fishing.

  • All fish being photographed must be held over an unhooking mat at all times – photographs should be taken kneeling down under no circumstances should you hold fish standing up

  • Fish must be weighed using a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net.

  • Do not cut or otherwise damage bank-side vegetation

  • Do not disturb wildlife please advise a member of staff as soon as possible should any wildlife become hurt or injured, hooked or entangled with line, or if line becomes snagged on trees or bushes or on any underwater snag during your visit in order that this can be immediately removed

  • Do not light any fires and do not burn the grass when using any form of cooking equipment

  • The use of BBQ’s is allowed only on foot.

  • Toilets are available close to the lake; please use them

  • Catch reports and photographs of any notable fish caught would be appreciated for our website and notice board

  • All nets must be dipped before starting to fish.

  • All anglers must be in possession of a large landing net, which has at least 36” arms with a deep mesh net – pan nets are not allowed

  • No braided main lines (except on marker rods) or shock leaders to be used

  • Barbless hooks only to be used (barbed and micro-barbed hooks are not allowed)

  • No fish to be sacked at any time, all fish to be returned to the water immediately after capture and photographin

  • Bait boats is allowed. respect your limit.

  • When photographing fish, support the fish over a large unhooking mat, kneel and never stand up with the fish

  • When returning fish to the water you must use a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net regardless of the distance. Do not carry any fish without the use of a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net

  • Do not driving for going at the shower or Wc ( walking recommended)

  • if you want to go shopping? The gate is open at 10 o’clock till 12 o’clock. After this  hour, gate is closed.

  • If you let a bad remind of you, we will not accept you in the future.

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