Angler : 240 €

CATEGORY : Drive & Survive

OPEN : All year



From Calais : 585 km : 5h50

Caen : 360 km :  4h22

Cherbourg : 470 km : 4h40

Breda (nl) : 700 km : 6h40

Lake :

  • Surface : 24 acres / 10 ha
  • Bottom : sand and stones
  • Depth : max. 2,5 meters
  • Swims : 11

Fishing :

  • Anglers : 11
  • Carp : up to 66 lbs
  • Average : 28 lbs
  • Grass Carp : 50 lbs


L’ ETANG DU FURET is located in the beautiful region of Cher 2h30 drive form Paris and 30 minutes from Bourges Airport. There is a supermarket within 10 minutes and a fishing store within 15 minutes. For history enthusiast, you can enjoy the broad rich heritage of the region (Museum, Parks, Castles, …)

LAKE : It dates of 14th century and was used by the monks for the carp fish farming. It was enlarged in 1970 and has never been drained for over 50 years! It is now 10 hectares, an average depth of 1.5 meters which can reach 2.50 meters. The bottom is made of mud (dam) and parts of sand and stones at the end of the lake. All posts are accessible by car.

STOCK: The lake has never been fished before because the previous owner used the property as a holiday house, livestock remains to be discovered. However, a stock of 20 carp from 20 to 28.2 kg and 20 kg, 14.5, 19.5 took place in December 2015. We estimate the livestock about 500 carp including common carp (up to 21.7 kg), mirror carp (up to 30.1kg) and taking average around 12kg.

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Bait boat allowed

Runs water

Dogs allowed




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  • Angler : 240 €

  • Non-angler : 50 €

  • Exclusive Lake Rental : 2600 €

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Prices Comparaison

Carp Fishing in France   240€ /angler


All vacation period run from Saturday to Saturday

Step 1 - Booking - Deposit

Choose your holiday date, the number of anglers,…  You should make a deposit of 50% of the total amount of your booking.  Payment by Credit Card. Your credit card information is not seen by the owner and Carplink !

Step 2 - Balance

10 weeks before your trip, you will receive an information pack, detailing your reservation (date, direction …) and an electronic invoice. You can pay your balance by Credit card. (The Balance is due no later than 8 weeks before departure). If you book within 10 weeks of departure you must pay the balance maximum 7 day after the deposit.

Check Availability Etang du Furet :

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  • Silence is the golden rule that everyone must respect especially at night
  • Minors must be supervised at all times
  • Everyone entering must check in at reception before finding their fishing spot
  • Visitors (2 per spot maximum) are allowed during the hours of 10 am-7:30 pm. Parking is available outside the site
  • Pets are allowed provided they do not disturb other guests and the owner picks up their exrement
  • All garbage must be picked up and thrown away at your home
  • It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the water. Ashtrays are available at each spot
  • Camp fires, inflatable fishing boats (zodiac, bargue) and swimming are forbidden. Above ground barbecues are allowed
  • Branches of trees, bushes or shrubs should not be cut, broken or vandalized
  • It is strictly prohibited to deficate outside the toilets! The land must be kept clean for the protection and comfort of everyone
  • There is absolutely no refund for concellations or early departures
  • Predator fishing is not allowed
  • No kill kishing only is permitted day and night by authorised persons
  • Landing mats are mandatory and should be large (1m minimum)
  • Dip nets should be micro mesh with an opening of 1m minimum
  • The weigh sling should be rigid (no single thread)
  • Fishing is done with 3 rods per fishing location
  • It is strictly forbidden to kill, mark, or maim a fish (violators will be prosecuted)
  • All fish caught must be handled carefully, on a landing mat and not lifled above knee height. They should be kept damp, weighed, photographed (knees on the ground) and then quickly returned to the water. Buckets are available at each location
  • All fish caught must be returned to the water at this point
  • All touch sensors must be set at a switable volume so as not to disturb others. Remember to turn off alarms during handing
  • Mini radio controlled boats are allowed to draw lines to a maximum of 100 meters against your position without disturbing your neighbor
  • Descend into the water is permitted to release fish or empty nets
  • Any location using poles should have at least one person present at all times
  • Hooks should be simple and barbs are mandatory
  • Animal or live bait is prohibited
  • Any tackle that does not allow the release of fish is prohibited
  • Only hooks size 4, 6 or 8 are allowed
  • Storage bags are strictly prohibited day or night any where on premises (this includes your car)
  • Bait is allowed in reasonable quantities. Personal seeds are prohibited in order to avoid uncooked seeds resulting in the death of fish. You can order bait from us in the bait section
  • Lead core is allowed as well as kook link braid however, row headers and braided line is prohibited
  • You must provide a medi-kitto heal injured fish
  • All cars must be returned to the parking lot after unloading equipment
  • Each location will be checked upon arrival and departure
  • Before installation you must pay at the reception
  • Management denies any responsibility for loss or theft
  • Pneumatic boilie guns are prohibited
  • It is forbidden to deficate outside the toilets
  • Khaki/bronw umbrellas and small tents ( biwys) are allowed. Large camping tents and shelters are prohibited
  • Do not throw seeds in the woods or on the edges of the lake as this could cause problems with animals ( rats, wild boar, birds)
  • The site closes at 8 pm and re opens in the morning
  • Alcohol abuse is not allowed and drugs are strictly prohibited
  • Each guest is authorized to fish on the location, he is assigned and is entirely responsable for his own safety and the care of the location . Any property damage or injury is the responsibility of the fisherman
  • It is the responsibility of the fisherman to inform any guest of the rules of location

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